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Fishing in Costa Rica | Jaco Beach Review

Blue Marling Costa Rica FishingDue to the great diversity of marine wildlife, Costa Rica has become an icon of sport fishing, with three Grand Slam records per year. The country is home to several major tournaments throughout the year, such as the National Sailfish Tournament , International Sailfish Tournament and Ladies Open Tournament Sailfish, Los Suenos Signature Billfish Series, and the Canal of the Presidency, among
other .

Apartment and Pacific coasts of the Caribbean Stranger Tides are plentiful. All you have to do is choose where to throw the hook!

Very easy access to you favorite fishing destinations . There are direct flights from United States to San Jose and Guanacaste. you can also visit the different coastal areas.


Each fishing location will be hotels, fishing equipment, guides, and ships, if your trip is done on your own or with a specialized tour operator that promotes and practices the release of most of the species ( catch and release) contribute conservation and ecotourism.

The marina is equipped with electricity, water , telephone , security , waste disposal , maintenance and repair of vessels, small boats and jet skis.In more specialized sites, you can even request that your appeal. Docks are also available.

Depending on the region, it is possible that the golf courses and other activities that will complete your journey in an ideal manner .

North Pacific

This area is ideal for fishing all year .If you want to go for a marlin, this is the perfect place to catch itCosta Rica Fishng.

You will not have to wait long to dive into the sea since the area is easily accessible by direct flights from the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia and connections of the United States.This way , you will be 1-2 hours of different places where you can go in search of adventure .It also offers the possibility of local flights or road Central Pacific or San Jose.

The main places to enjoy sport fishing in this region are: Coco and Playa Ocotal , located about 30 minutes from the International Airport of Liberia, Tamarindo, Samara and Carrillo are about an hour and a half from the airport .There are also courts for domestic flights to Tamarindo , Nosara and Carrillo.

Visit: Fishing in Tamarindo

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Central Pacific Region

The natural beauty of Carara and Manuel Antonio National Parks complement active fishing centers .
Marina in Playa Herradura offers excellent services and conditions for all fans of this exciting sport.

Some of the services the marina has available are 250 docks, refueling and repair shop, a dry dock with a crane that supports up to 10 tons, making it ideal for the storage of personal watercraft or small boats leisure. The marina is also equipped with internet access , telephone, shopping, bank, car hire and equipment for emergency power and water supply.

The proximity of this area of ​​the Juan Santamaria International Airport, providing easy access to your destination in one hour. If your journey begins in Guanacaste, you can also travel by car or plane.

South Pacific Fishing Costa Rica

Explore remote areas of Costa Rica to find the major fishing centers: Drake , Puerto Jimenez, Zancudo, Golfo Dulce and Golfito , which contains the main port of the region, with all the amenities for a pleasant stay .

This ski area has Golfito , Drake, Coto 47 , and Palmar Sur, with easy access to domestic flights from San Jose and connections accessible / a .

North Caribbean Fishing

Enjoy an unforgettable experience in the Caribbean.Here are the species that differ from those of the Pacific coast , such as bass, for example. While enjoying the game, you will be seduced by the lush vegetation and a unique landscape that is found only in the Caribbean of Costa Rica .

Northern Caribbean has facilities and hotel accommodation, offering complete packages.Fishing trips and transportation are included from San José by air or by boat along the canals . At the same time , you can control the number of species in the rivers and canals in Barra del Colorado and Parismina .

You can also choose from several options to enjoy fishing in the deep waters of the oceans, rivers, lakes and rivers or streams, both in the Pacific and Caribbean . Lake Arenal is the most popular for fishing cichlid ( Cichlasoma of dovii ), which is also found in the lake of Change, Laguna Hule, Sarapiqui River Congo Lake fourth largest city of Greece, Laguna Bonilla Turrialba and Caño Black, Los Chiles,where activity has increased in recent years.

In Caño Black can take the famous tropical gar mouth and body of a fish , also known as one of the oldest species on our continent.Experts known as the "living fossil".So capture certain restrictions.
If you are looking for a family experience, find small hotels and dedicated to the fishing spots.There are small artificial lakes in various parts of the country.These sites, along with species such as tilapia and trout in the hot areas in a cool place, gives you the opportunity to enjoy local and international dishes at the time, you and your family, offering an unforgettable experience..

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